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Meet the Birch Leafers

Steve Rayner

Steve has spent nearly 40 years in local and national papers as editor and chief sub-editor.

He works for The Sunday Times and The Spectator among other titles. He is co-owner of the Bygone Kent magazine.

Christine Rayner

Chris was editor of the East Kent Gazette for 17 years until 2012.

She values communities and loves writing about people and history and is co-owner of the Bygone Kent magazine.

Susan Feehan

Sue is author of the bestselling book How to Write Well … When You Don’t Know Where to Start.

She is a dedicated trainer in  communications, writing and editing.

William Bramhill

Will is a freelance sub-editor who regularly works on the Financial Times and The Sunday Times.

He helped produce The Sunday Times Rich List for four years. Find out more at willbramhill.co.uk.

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